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I have done my ITIL V3 foundation certificate in the year 2011 during my work tenure. Currently I have quit my job in search of a new one. I have an experience of 4.1 yrs in Incident Management. Though I worked as Application Support Engineer, I have no technical knowledge. During my job, I also got to work with Change management and a bit of Deployment Management, Problem Management. I find my path very haphazard and have no idea what to take up next. As I was a process doer, should I stick-on to the same and take up SO or OSA certification or do I have any other certification (PMP) to enhance my skills and lift my career to next level?

Suggestions welcome.

Thanks in advance.


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    Doing SO or OSA could be useful to both further your knowledge and explain what you were doing whilst you were out of work. You may find it easier to get another job at the same level rather than trying to go up again, but it's worth shooting for the jobs you want as well as the ones you think you'll get.
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