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HELP! I have a interview tommorow, here is a run down of what i know so far.

I will be field technician work, I would have to work 50 hours a week and drive all over NYC tri state area in my own car they reimburse for gas tolls and mileage, it will be IT support for medical offices, working on the workstations and servers. Compensation is about 50k salary.

Upon phone interview with the boss, I told him my server skills are limited and I mostly work on workstations and he said that there is def. oppoutunity for growth as they will train me to do server work. What do you guys think? Does this sound good or?

Please get back to me as my interview is thursday morning.
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    Sounds like a good opportunity to get some real skills and experience under your belt.
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    Getting from workstations to servers is a milestone for many IT pros, and the pay doesn't look bad at all, so it sounds to me like a good opportunity. I think the 50 hours is a lot, but if that's including travel it's not that bad.
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    yep that includes travel time, and I know I have been looking for a way to get experience with servers I think this will go well, Im so nervous about it though
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    just be cool with what you have bro icon_cool.gif
    and dont stop learning..


    GOOD LUCK... icon_wink.gif
    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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    Based on these qualifications calculate the net worth

    7 years in the IT Field
    Associate Degree in CIS
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    Most of the time job postings ask for more experience and certifications that they really require, so dont worry about it. Always say that you have a "network of support". Meaning in the event of you not knowing something, you have where to turn to for the answer or solution to the problem.

    Salary is not bad. I did what you will be doing a while ago plus some more and trust me, on the streets, the day at work goes by fast and, if they are willing to train you with the servers, even better.

    Just be honest on the interview and think logically when they ask you technical questions about troubleshooting.

    They might ask you things like:
    Describe yourself in one word.
    What has been your biggest accomplishment or most rewarding experience.
    What has been your biggest screwup.

    GOOD Luck, let us know after you get th job.
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