What to do next after CCNP R&S

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Good day!

I have just accomplished being a CCNP in R&S and have just been recently hired as a Network Surveillance Engineer in a telecommunication company. I would just like to ask for your opinions regarding what certification I should go for after CCNP R&S. Thank you so much to those who can help me out.


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    It really depends on what you like to do, and what interests you. People can give you all kinds of certifications paths. Did you enjoy R&S? If so, continue down the CCIE path.

    For me, I wanted to get my CCNP in R&S as I feel this is vital to learn as a network engineer. Next my plan is to take the data center track all the way through CCIE, with a few stops maybe along the way in design and security. Just to add to the weapon list, and because it interests me.

    Do want you enjoy, what intrigues you, what will benefit you. This will only help with your focus and completion of your overall goal.

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