RHCSA/RHCE 7 Study Advice Needed

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I've been using Linux for several years. I've been using the Debian derivatives at home for a long time. I work daily with RHEL6 servers. But I don't get to do deep and personal admin work, just work with installing/maintaining/troubleshooting applications on top of it. We are moving towards CENTOS7 due to cost of licensing so decided now is the time to get certified. It will have me in front of the curve at work.

The problem is there's not really much choice in books for RHEL7 exams. So I bought Michael Jang's RHCE6 book thinking that I would work through that and get the RHEL7 book once that came out. But that was before I knew how different RHEL7 is from RHEL6.

My hardware supports virtulization and I have this server set aside strictly for training purposes. I have CENTOS7 and Scientific Linux 7 downloaded and have been able to work through problems in the first and second chapters, but it's a very slow go getting up and running.

Anyone have any good sites or sources of info on the differences between RHEL6 7 RHEL7? As it stands now, I'll start working through an exercise and hit a hurdle. Then I spend 5 to 20 minutes figuring out how to get around the block. I know that the research is helping me learn, but I'd like to narrow my searches down to just a couple reputable sources.

Any other advice that anyone has to offer on studying to pass the exam the first time through, I'd love to hear it.


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