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I'm going for the hardware test few weeks from now. As we all know, the hardware code was known as 220-221 previously. I wonder if it will do me any help if I were to study materials for 220-301 first, then do some practice on 220-221 when I have time.

Not sure if any questions will be asked based on 220-221. Please advise. icon_wink.gif


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    The code indicates the exam version. 220-221 is the previous exam, and you won't be questioned on 220-221 topics, unless those topics are also part of the current exam objectives, which is 220-301. That means 220-221 material is outdated, but not worthless, as most of the topics are still the same.

    If you study by using CompTIA's exam objectives as you main guide, as you should do (i.o.w. download them from the comptia site if you haven;t yet), you'll know exactly which parts to learn and which to skip if you happen to use 220-221 material as well.
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    oic. Then do you have any idea how many marks will I be awarded for each correct answer being answered?
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