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Hi guys,

I have recently purchased the database and went through a few sessions on the database. I have a few questions for those using the database and those who had used the database to prepare for the exam. What percentage should I aim for while taking practice questions? Is the database a good indicator of the actual exam? What is the most effective way to use the database? I'm scoring 60% marks on my sessions. I feel like I understand all the materials even in the questions I get wrong.

For the questions I get wrong, it comes down to two possible answers and I just pick the wrong one and the other possible answer was the correct answer. I need to work on the way the questions are worded.

Any feedback or advise would be great :)



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    Looks you have a great strategy already, and are doing fairly well - you should shoot for 80-85+ on the database to ensure you are prepared. You've got a long time until the test, so make sure that you don't start repeating questions (unlikely, but possible if you do in question sets of 50+ a session.)
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