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It's said that the ISACA CISA database has 1200 questions. I use adaptive studies and do 30 questions a day - does that mean I can finish all the questions in 40 days? If not, how can I know the amount of the new questions? I am asking about this because I notice there is practice questions too.

Thank you!


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    EZ2015EZ2015 Member Posts: 16 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Hi yhe024,

    Yes, there are only 1200 questions on the database. I wish the questions were unlimited on the database :) just attempt questions every day!

    I only use the database only twice or three times a week and just answer a few questions. You should have a plan on how you'll use the questions. Right now, I'm using the database to test my knowledge on what materials I've learned from the prep books but later I will use the database hard after knowing where I stand. I hope that helps.

    Good luck on the exam.
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