CHFI Eligibility for Self-employed

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Hi, please can everyone help me to complete my application form eligibility.
I am a Self-employed and have 10 years of security work experience. my question is What am I supposed to put in this level: "Experience qualifications certified by supervisor / agency representative: "
Thanks you


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    If you're self employed and act as either a Sole Trader or LTD, then you'll have agencies who you contract to on behalf of the end client no?

    If so, surely you can get your agency to act as referee? I'm freelance, I asked my boss, had no issues. Perhaps you could ask your client..
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    I am curious as to why you are going for this cert. I thought the CEH was a joke until I got to this test.
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    ^^^this. This cert isn't going to add real value for you (or anyone else, IMO.) There are much better things to spend $500 on, certs or not.
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    Thanks everbody to your reply. I am going to ask to one of my clients to give me a letter form
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