Finally Passed!

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After several attempts at the CISSP exam, I finally passed the 3rd time around. I started my studies last year taking the exam twice. I figured I needed to take a break from things, so I started on my SSCP. I passed it in November, and got my Endorsement just a few weeks ago.

I started doing 50 questions, and worked my way up to 125. I also went through several 250 question exams on Total Tester, Transcender, and CCCure, where my average on all three was around 80%. I took 3 hours for the first pass, and another hour to finish up. I'd recommend all three to those who are currently testing. I used the following below.

Eric Conrad's CISSP Study Guide + 11th Hour Study Guide
Shon Harris Practice Exams
Tons of personal notes

What I did this time around that I didn't do the first 2 times was I took my time, and like most say on here, took the "manager approach" and "what's best for the business." I also made sure that if I didn't know the answer to the question, I'd mark it and come back later. I didn't do this the first 2 times I took the exam, so I think this helped me a little.


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