WGU certification transfer credit ?'s

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I am in the process of enrolling at WGU. I sent in all of my current cert info yesterday, so I should get my transfer evaluation back soon. Obviously at that time I will be able to see what kind of credit I will be able to transfer in already. What I plan to do is hold off on actually enrolling until closer to Nov. Nov. will be the 5 year anniversary for all of my certs, so I definitely plan to get in before then to take advantage of transfer CU's.

I currently hold:
CompTIA A+
MCITP: Enterprise DST
MCTS: Win 7 Config

I have 7 years of IT experience at my current job. I am looking into the B.S. in Information Technology or B.S. in Information Technology NA or Security programs. I would love to go Security and get my CCNA, but we will see what I decide.....
I would like to transfer the maximum amount of credits in so that I can have a course load that won't take me forever to complete.
Does anybody have a reference sheet for which certifications satisfy which classes? That would be gold at this point.
I am thinking the easiest thing for me to do would be to knockout a lout of the CIW certs in the coming months before I enroll and see if I can't transfer in with 60-70 CU's.

Thanks for your time guys, I've already learned a ton from this forum and you can be sure that I will stick around. icon_thumright.gif


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    OK so I had every intention of posting this thread in the correct forum.

    MODS can you move this post to the IT Jobs / Degrees sub-forum?

    I have been lurking here awhile and I have read just about every transfer eval thread that I could find in the search. I am just looking for a bit more in depth detail from some of the members with WGU experience.

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