Eudora Not working.

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Hi can someone give me some ideas. Like some of us my modest technical strenght is with windows and now I got a call from a Customer who is using MAC and below is the exact decscription of the problem I got

"MAC OS 9, Eudora for some reason isn't working correctly anymore and they need their emails recovered and saved. "

I got to be in this call in about 3 hrs. So any idea will be much appreciated, I need inputs like crash recovery softwares for MAC, any useful tips with Eudora etc.

Thank you for you time.
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    You can reset the settings by holding down all modifier keys (Shift+Control+Option+Command) while selecting "Settings" from the special menu.

    If this does not fix it, you can reinstall after backing up the user's data. The data files are all stored in the "Eudora Folder" - which is usually found in your System Folder or Documents folder. All your mailboxes, mail folders, address books, signatures, stationery, and settings are stored in the Eudora Folder.

    If you make a copy of this you could reinstall without worrying about losing the user's data.
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