ECSAv8 exam missing in Pearson VUE

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Hi there,

For some weeks I visited Pearson VUE/EC-Council regularly for appliying and scheduling my CEHv8 exam. All this time I noticed the ECSAv8 exam was also on the exam list.

Last Monday I got my CEHv8 and thought I'd plan my ECSAv8 exam right away, guess what, it's no longer on the Pearson VUE/EC-Council exam list.

Has something like this happened before and/or does somebody know what's up ?



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    Isn't this exam delivered through Prometric only? Also, I am always curious about the reason to go for such an unpopular cert.
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    It was on the PV list, I just checked on Prometric and it isn' there either. As to the reason, I've seen several job postings with LPT mentioned (bare in mind here in The Netherlands). You need ECSA before being able to certify for LPT. Could you tell me some more about your comment that it is not a popular cert ? Compared to Mile2, SANS, OS ? I'd like to know from someone with experience (being a ITSEC jr myself). Thks!
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    ECSA is basically seen as CEH+ and there aren't very many reviews of any recent versions of the exam. The old reviews claim you could pass ECSA without any additional studying past the CEH.

    LPT may be mentioned but there is no real benefit to it, an ECSA without an LPT is just as capable as and LPT, they just payed for a cert.

    If you are looking for jobs in the US, companies want to see pentesters with experience, as well as well known certs like SANS, and hopefully the OSCP
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