Hi i m new

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Hi guys i m new to this eternal world.
well call me backward but i nvr knew that such things exist in this world
i dnt hv hardcore knowledge of network and OS'.
i work as a tier 1 for an ISP and i m really fasinated with networking, and the way it works.
i want to take studies further in networking, thinking the same i hv joined your forum and would certainly appreciate if you guys guide through a career plan that i should follow and be one of a kind.


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    well call me backward
    Hey backward! icon_lol.gif


    Well, if you're interested in networking, and you're here in the CCNA forum, you might want to consider the Network+ certification first. The first part of the CCNA covers a lot of ther material of the Network+ cert. So with a little extra study, the Net+ could be your first stepping stone to greater networking certifications -- and the first indication if that is where you would want to be.

    I reviewed some Network+ material as part of my CCNA study, but figured I wasn't going to have any problems with Cisco stuff, so I skipped the Net+ certification (and the 200+$US cost) and went straight for the CCNA (and beyond).
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    Hi, I would recommend starting out reading reading and more reading. There is alot of free information available on the internet today, and forums are a goldmine of info in my opinion.

    Good luck!
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