Advise required regarding Windows 70-680

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I have started working as a service desk analyst for ComputaCenter in Milton Keynes, UK for about 6 months now. Whilst gaining experience, i have been looking to do the Windows 70-680 exam. Any recommendations on what books/training materials to use? And then further on, I would like to move onto Networking/security. Appreciate all the advice I get on here :)


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    Check the sticky threads on here to get you started, there are loads of videos you can purchase from training websites like CBT Nuggets, Train signal or search on google you might come across free videos.
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    Professor Messer has his videos on this exam, very useful and free.

    There is also a Microsoft Rapid Review book on this, I found this very good.
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    I am studying for my 70-680 exam at the moment. Professor Messer has a great video collection as the previous poster noted - he covers a lot of content.

    I recommend downloading VirtualBox, getting a legal evaluation period Windows 7 OS ISO from Microsoft and then follow along doing the labs. Try Windows 7 Enterprise | TechNet Evaluation Center

    You will learn a lot, good luck.
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    I too work for CC, When I did my A+ and Network + the company paid for the exam and with A+ they gave me a login to an online training portal so there may be something like that for the Microsoft exams which is worth discussing with your RM. But I do have used and can recomend Professor Messer videos after using them for both my A+ and N+. As for getting into the Network/Security side of things....let me know when you get the answer ;)
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