dcpromo demote fsmo command not working

Hi all,
I created a VM named web1 with a DC installed in it with domain name "test.com" . The OS is windows server 2008 .I want to remove the DC without getting the FSMO messages. The Forest and Domain Functional levels are both set to 2003 in this machine where I am trying to remove the DC.
So i tried this command from "Run" -
dcpromo /demotefsmo:yes
but everytime I tried to demote the DC I am getting an error window with a message saying "The specified argument 'demotefsmo' was not recognized".
I have read that this command should work to avoid getting FSMO role removal messages while removing or deleting the DC! then why is not the command working? Is it not supported in 2008 and later Windows versions like 2012 or my syntax is wrong?
Or should I need raise both the Domain & Forest Functional level to 2008??
Hoping someone helps me with these problem!

Thanks & Regards


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    In 2008+ they are known as operation masters instead of fsmo's. Any reason you aren't (re)moving the fsmo's before demoting?

    I recently moved a 2003 forest from 2003 to 2008, then to 2012 where i elevated to 2012 functionality. There was no issue moving the 2003 forest from 2008 to 2012 after moving the fsmo's. So I don't think elevating to 2008 forest will help.

    There are many different ways to migrate, some very complex (technet). I think I used http://www.techsupportpk.com/2014/02/how-to-migrate-windows-2003-r2-active.html to guide me. Took about 10 minutes.
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    I think you're missing some essential parameters. Specifically the force removal and local admin password ones.

    Try (from an elevated command prompt):

    dcpromo /forceremoval /demotefsmo:yes /administratorpassword:password
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    Thanks Verruckt . I have added a reputation for you.
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