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I am considering taking an ITIL Service Operation course in order to take the exam. I'm currently torn between using an online resource (likely itiltrainingzone unless someone recommends another reputable web based training offering) and taking a class locally. I'm having trouble deciding if the extra $2,000 for the local course is worth the money. Has anyone had experience with both?

I'm currently leaning toward the online route as I have self studied for all of my other certs. I'd like to know if anyone thinks the extra $2,000 is worth it for classroom training.
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    I deliver ITIL classroom training, and I have also written ITIL elearning intermediate courses. I find that most attendees at the classroom courses ignore the "requirement" for 21 hours pre-reading of the core volumes, and turn up expecting to get all they need in 2.5 days of training, followed by the exam on the last afternoon. This turns classroom courses into a cramming exercise, with the expected benefits of classroom courses - the discussion, interaction, additional support and guidance from the tutor pushed out due to lack of time. I have overcome my initial view of elearning completely - it allows you to study at your own time, the best providers provide expert help from tutors by email, and you have time to actually absorb and consider the information. You need to be self-disciplined, but your previous successful experience of selfstudy shows you are. I would recommend saving your money, and taking the elearning route (especially through IT Training Zone!)
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    +1 for ittrainingzone - their course quality is excellent. I did most of my intermediates through classroom because the one online course I did (through Art of Service) was pretty mediocre. If I'd known about ittrainingzone at the time, I'd have just used them.

    Whilst classrooms are a dedicated environment and provide instant tutor support, I found the quality of tutors to vary wildly, and there was always one person who just would not shut up - telling anecdote after anecdote.

    If you do decide to go the classroom route, then make sure you tell the training provider when you book that you're an individual and funding this yourself, I did and always got between 25 and 30% discount over the list price.
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