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Hi everyone,

i'm working as IT technician and i'm studying for OS X 10.9 Support Essentials using the official Book for certification and Revise IT (my score is between 85% and 95%) for exercises.

Could anyone give me some advice in order to pass the exam? Are there any websites that could help me?



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    REVISE IT and quizlet..but if you search you can find 9L0-412 that is similar to 9L0-415 ...try to search at ************** about vces.
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    Thank you, I passed the ACSP exam (92%).
    Now i'm working on my Mac Mini Late 2012 with Server App in order to pass the ACTC exam.
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    Good book and good questions you need.

    I will recommend using iLearn: Advance ACSP application for iPad/iPhone, you have all questions and also the answer is explained, don't forget to test on your OS X computer that's the best way to learn and be ready in the real environment.
    I pass the exam with 96% I think just by using that application, but also you need to play around on your device.
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