CISSP Endorsement from ISC2

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Has anyone on here used ISC2 as the endorser for CISSP? I took a look at the form and their site. I can provide the required material and since it's basically an audit anyway it'll keep me from worrying about being audited and slowing the process up. From what I've read on here they're very particular about every little detail and I'd hate to write in a wrong date, have them call an old employer and find out I was off by a month and make me resubmit the forms over and over. Anyone that has used them, what was the timeline on the endorsement, still close to 5 weeks or much longer?

In the military my role had a lot of network security, operations security, and physical security functions; however no one I worked with then had a CISSP cert. My new role has lots of guys with it, however none of them were with me back then. I have no doubt someone would sign off on it knowing me and my background, but if the endorser puts that he's only known me three months, will they end up auditing me anyway? Is it common for an endorser to only know someone a short time?


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    Hi BlackBeret,
    As long as the endorser can validate your experience, they can endorse you.
    You can reach out to your local isc2 chapter for endorsement too.
    Hope this helps.
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    How much detail is needed in your resume/cv to cover your experience? Has anyone got an example.
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    Archon wrote: »
    How much detail is needed in your resume/cv to cover your experience? Has anyone got an example.

    Your normal CV should be fine. I didn't modify my CV in anyway when i sent my endorsement form in. I made sure CISSP wasnt listed on it and i listed my skills in SKills section and my 14 years of Work Experience. I didn't break it down by domain etc... that ISC responsibility. Got my endorsement approval exactly 4 weeks from the day of submission.
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    Like duster said, your CV should be fine.

    When I started my CISSP journey, I failed twice. Decided to backtrack, then passed the SSCP. With that, I used my resume, and sent in all the required docs, and endorsement came in about 5 weeks time. I'd go ahead and do it on your own.

    How was the CEH exam compared to CISSP? I'm thinking about taking that one next.
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    CEH wasn't bad at all. I'm taking CISSP on March 16th, so I'll be able to speak more about it then. I'm just getting ahead of myself with the endorsement form.
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    That's good. I'm awaiting mine now. Less than 5 weeks to go....
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