It's already late... So people will prob answer this after it is too late..

Anyone ever got a Lab Interview for a systems admin position at a IT consulting business?
What is it like? Tier 2 job.. I am leaving helpdesk

What should I expect


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    EssendonEssendon Member Posts: 4,546 ■■■■■■■■■■
    I've had a few of these. For a sys admin position they may get you to do things like:

    - join a computer to the domain
    - troubleshoot domain connectivity/DNS issues
    - build VM in vCenter/SCVMM etc
    - troubleshoot Exchange mail flow issues

    I hope you get the drift?
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    snunez889snunez889 Member Posts: 238 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I have and it was mostly basic things.
    join a PC to a domain.
    use a few cmd troubleshooting tools.
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    anhtran35anhtran35 Member Posts: 466
    It can be help desk PLUS Active Directory work( joining a computer to a domain, creating users and OUs, providing permissions, applying GPOs etc ). I'm a Windows guy so if it's Unix/Linux then it's the same but using their softwares.
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    kly630kly630 Member Posts: 72 ■■□□□□□□□□
    I had a linux/unix based one in my current role. It was a basic test to see how I understood troubleshooting. I was given a rhel5 box where nothing was working and asked to step through my process to get networking up, ssh up, ldap up, etc. They did tricky things like rename the network scripts files or put typos in the sshd config. It's basically the same stuff that will mess you up on the job.

    If you're going windows I'd expect the same. Make sure you know how to get network connectivity going, configure dns servers, join a machine to a domain, login over rdp, etc. If you're not familiar with something, hopefully you can figure out how to look it up quickly.
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