CAPM or PRINCE2 foundation?

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Hello.. I am Adnan from Bangladesh. I am on verge of completion my undergraduation. I want to pursue my career in Project Management. What is the most suitable entry level project management certification? Will CAPM or PRINCE2 foundation certification be helpful for my career? Please suggest me as I am quite new. Thanks in advance.


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    Bringing in these factors

    Cost Prince2 is much cheaper I believe 100+ USD Less (I think one was 255 the other was almost 400)
    Availability Prince 2 is much easier to take, you can do it on line with a web cam, whereas the CAPM you have to go to a testing center
    What you actually learn I believe both are very good, they taught me quite a bit.
    Global verse US If you want to work in the US I would say CAPM, but you'll need to get the PMP to be taken serious as a PURE PM. Globally from what I understand, and you may have a better idea of this, the Prince2 is well respected.

    Prince 2 Foundations IMO.
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    I suggest you do some research on your country job boards and find what certification among those two which is required the most.
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    I suggest you to take the Prince2 Foundation. Is cheaper, companies like when someone is certified, so it will help you find better jobs.

    If you choose the Prince2 here is a really helpful and FREE eBook icon_thumright.gif: The PRINCE2 Foundation Training Manual | MP
    It will give you the basic knowledge of PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 Projects. I use it and I pass my Foundation exam :) I hope it will help you too.

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    Two very good certifications indeed, but all they share in common is that they are about project management!

    You need to ask yourself, what you want to do with a project, and where your current skill set lies, not what is the best price (you are investing in you after all).

    CAPM - based on PMI's PMBOK, will introduce you to the techniques required to be a project manager, it will show you the skills and the how to's of project management.

    PRINCE2 - Owned by AXELOS, will introduce you to the methodology of how to run a project, the whens and whys.

    If you are aiming to start by working in a project management team, I would look at the learning the skills, as you will be given parts of a project to complete, as you get more experience it may be working progressing to the methodology.
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    I suggest you PRINCE2 foundation certification can be helpful for your carrier.
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