GSLC index?

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Hi, I am trying to get a copy of a recent GSLC index. I have only the 2007 books and no funds to take the course again. I have indexed what I have, of course. I know there are a lot of topics that have changed/reorganized. What I could really use the index for is so that I can determine the keywords or new topics that have been added, so that I know what to research. For example, what tools are currently being covered? what malware? Right now I'm totally guessing. Also, any comments on the value of prep sites like U Certify? They have a practice test for $100 or so. Thanks.


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    I'm not sure how much good a recent copy of the index will do you. I traded someone for a GSLC index that was only a year old (so 1 revision of courseware difference) and I had at least a couple dozen entries I found that were off. Having 8 year old books, I'm sure with the diligence that SANS puts on keeping their content current, that it is probably much different than the courseware you have.
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    Hey PappyT -- I took the GSLC Bootcamp in Apr 2013 (my books are all Version 2013-0329) and although my employer payed the $4700 for the course, they didn't pay for or require me to take the exam. In hindsight, I should have payed for it and knocked it out back then. Now I need the certification but my new employer won't pay for the exam or for a course repeat. Sort of in the same boat as GSLC-taker just have a more recent set of books. Is there any way I could get a copy of your index? I figure there couldn't have been "huge" changes in the materials over two years (next month). Thanks.
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    I really do think the updated index would be very valuable. Even if it just listed the names of new tools, for example, I would know what tools I need to research. For another example, current threats or cases (Edward Snowden covered or not?) would be a tremendous help in knowing what to research.
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