Passed CISSP!

yan2xkunyan2xkun Member Posts: 9 ■■■□□□□□□□
Took and passed the exam yesterday!
Thank you to everybody here! I really learned a lot from this forum.
The five tips (from another thread) are gold!
I thought I was doing really well on the first two hours of the exam, so I completely forgot to pace myself and had a false sense of confidence. The relatively 'easy' questions came in the first 100 items on my exam and I thought that was the 'hard' part already. Then when I came back from a short break, I realised I only had a minute to answer each of the 175 questions I still have left on the exam! I started panicking and couldn't stop staring at the timer every time I get to answer an item. I finished the exam with only 10 minutes to review the over 30 items I have marked. I ended up not changing any of my answers since I didn't have the time to review them all. I actually got timed out on the exam while reviewing haha! I was in bad shape when the exam ended and just proceeded to the reception to get it done and over with. Thankfully, I passed. That was a huge scare and a lesson I won't forget.


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