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Passed the network+ yesterday, thought I would share my experience and give what advice I can, since reading other people's post helped me a lot.

So I went into it kind of nervous, but expecting it to be easy. Some guys said it was easy, and I figured with only 90 questions and such a large breadth of subject matter, it can’t be that bad. This was a bad mindset. Definitely respect the test going in, it is no joke. About question 45 or so I realized I had flagged at least half of the questions for review, and almost panicked a bit. I thought for a split second I might actually fail this thing. If you find yourself in this position, do what I did and focus yourself! Don’t get distracted and focus on the task at hand! {REMOVED content that may violate the NDA}. Having said all this, I passed with an 849 and only one month of hardcore studying, so even though I thought it wasn’t easy, I suppose it is.

Speaking of study, I used the mike Meyers all in one book, which came with a total tester demo, and I watched most, but not all of professor messer’s videos. I went through the book in a little less than a month. There are twenty chapters and I did about a chapter a day and watched the professor’s vids as I went for extra clarification. {REMOVED content that may violate the NDA} The practice tests on techexams.net were good and total tester was good as well. You will find with every practice test there is a certain ‘flavor’, like in total tester I could tell it was written by mike Meyers and concerned the things covered in his book. {REMOVED commentary about your exam}

{REMOVED commentary that may violate the NDA - DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR EXAM WITH ANYONE}
Head over to subnettingpractice.com and answer the basic questions. If you can do those then stop worrying about it, you’re golden.

All in all, know the objectives list. {Removed content violating the NDA}
Hope this helps! Good luck! For me it’s on to cisco!


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