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Just looking for some general input here... I think i'm in a bit unique situation as compared to most.

Aside from a short lived (5 months) helpdesk gig, my first "real" it job since graduating with a BS in MIS has been in a pre-sales engineering role. This role is primarily involved with virtualization/vmware infrastructure management. I have been doing this for about 2 years and as such I have essentially learned VMWare/virtualization FIRST as opposed to how many in IT go about tackling this later in their careers.

My learning track has been a bit backwards and by backwards I mean that I am essentially learning a lot of technology from the inside out. Starting with virtualization/vmware, then reaching out into storage technologies, windows/linux, and networking - but my primary strength is VMware.

I guess my question is... does it make sense to continue aggressively going down this path and focusing on things like VCP/VCAP etc. or would it make sense to take a step backwards and focus on (though maybe not actually get certified in) things like CCNA/MCSA and storage.

Appreciate any feedback and hopefully my question makes sense.


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    I reckon you should keep going down your path. It looks like you enjoy what you're doing so hone your skills with the VCP and VCAP's. With:

    - Storage > I'm sure you'd have picked some skills up during your 2 years at the current role.
    - Windows > nice to have, but no real problem here.
    - Linux > nicer to have, but you can get by. I have basic skills with Linux and havent had any issues ever.
    - Networking > nice to have, again you can get by.

    I'd say you've been really lucky with your career! Very few people are able to bypass the usual career progression from helpdesk to sys admin to VM admin to pre-sales. Make the most of it!
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    Actually, learning all the virtualisation first is not a bad approach. Learn the platforms first before you learn the OS'es in the VM's that go on top. It really should not be seen as a disadvantage! It's rather a nice way to learn it.
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    Thanks for the input guys, this is exactly what I was looking. I'd say storage is my biggest weakness overall, and seeing it's involvement in virtual infrastructures i'm probably going to prioritize this while still heading towards the VCP path.
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