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Hi All,
Just wanted to know if we can configure a router using the following format:
Also,whenever we configure an ip address for a interface using the usable subnet address ,what does the subnet mask of the address depend upon?
e.g if I configure using ip address what will be my sunet mask?


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    Yes, I believe you can use the short notation, although I'm not sure every command supports it.

    The subnetmask in your example will be by default because 172.16.10. is a class B address. But if the network is subnetted (or supernetted, or aggregated) it might be different.
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    I agree.

    First thing you need to look at the address and determine which class is belong to, the default subnet mask for class A, B & C are below

    Class A =
    Class B =
    Class C=
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    please let me know what will the usable subnets be for
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    Hi Anpu,

    there will be 1 network, and 254 host for the ip address you have provided. thanks

    1 network
    254 host.
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    I do undersatnd this but what I want to ask is that if we are given to configure two router interfaces ,one with the first usable subnet and the other with the second usable do we calculate the usable subnets? This is with regards to the format
  • mxslmsmxslms Member Posts: 5 ■□□□□□□□□□ does not have any subnets. It is a class C address which uses 24 bits for its network address. Since the entire mask in this example is only 24 bits that means there are 0 bits left over for subnets. If you try to use this mask for two router interfaces then they will overlap.
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