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I think I'm ready for the 70-410 and figure it would be nice not to have to go anywhere. Some people said they've been able to take an exam an hour after they were ready.

I signed up and when to schedule and there is only 1 day at 1 hour in the next 3 months available. Seems pointless if that's all there is going to be. Anyone else have this issue?


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    Wow.... I will have to check that out. I need to schedule mine for next month. WIKES if there is not dates open.

    are you looking for a certain center? I just log into mine and i'm able to schedule mine?

    are you using the Pearson site?
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    This is for the online proctored exam.
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    Online proctored was available a week or so ago and now that I come to book it, for some reason it says its not available in this country (UK). The selection of Pearson Vue sites that you can take the exam at are pretty few and those that allow you to do a Saturday are even fewer. I think a month away is the soonest. Wish I had just booked the OP when I had the chance!
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    Yes, better to just reserve the time slot and you can always change the appt later.
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