GNS3 + ESXi ?

PupilPupil Posts: 168Member
Anybody have experience using GNS3 with ESXi? I'm thinking of running Dynamips on one host, GNS3 front-end on another, and ESXi hosts deployed into the GNS3 topology.


  • OfWolfAndManOfWolfAndMan Posts: 923Member ■■□□□□□□□□
    What are your goals in doing this exactly?
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  • IIIMasterIIIMaster Senior Member Posts: 238Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    You should be able to use a virtual box. I have attempted to install I believe version 4.0 but it fails. I believe it is an issue with my computer.
  • kohr-ahkohr-ah Posts: 1,277Member
    I run GNS3 on a Xubuntu VM on ESXi (Off an Intel NUC i3). If that is what you are wondering and it works just fine :)
    Also run 2 Juniper routers for funsies when I wanna mess around in GNS3 as I need to learn Juniper better.
  • inscom.brigadeinscom.brigade Posts: 400Member
    VMware works fine, I use Oracle Vbox to host VM's in gns3
  • PupilPupil Posts: 168Member
    I've setup a Xubuntu VM in ESXi running the latest release of GNS3 and it's working wonderfully. I was confused about how I would integrate other VMs inside the GNS3 topology without having to make the Xubuntu host perform routing. I think I might have a solution. In ESXI, I would need to create virtual switches (not bridged to real NICs) and attach the VMs to it. Then on the Xubuntu host, I'd need to add multiple virtual NICs and configure it to perform switching. This way the other ESXI VMs can be put into the GNS3 topology. I've been looking into Open vSwitch. Anybody tinkered with it before?
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