Just got my network+ cert today, now looking at Microsoft certs.

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Hi guys, so as of today, I am A+ and Net+ certified.

I have no real IT experience. I am currently unemployed and having a rough go about finding a job but I am in no rush. I am a complete IT nooby, but a fast learner and a good test taker.
I am attempting to get back into college and if all goes well I will be taking summer courses this year and be full time in Sept. I am switching careers from the medical field.

I am highly motivated, not afraid of a challenging test, and have all the time in the world to read and study.

What would be the next cert to benefit me most?
I am leaning toward MCSA, especially since I already have an elective taken care of. Thank you for any advice you give me.

I am considering MTA or the Microsoft MCSA 90 day challenge.


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