need guidance to prepare for cissp

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Hi frnds,

I am planning to give my cissp with target of 3 months from now and I want you suggestions or references to prepare & clear cissp in first attempt.

I know this might be repeated question on the fourm but they are thousands of posts on sucess note bebut I couldn't find relevent info for 2015 so, please help me.



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    Any passed CISSP thread in DEC 2014 or Jan 2015 has tons of useful information and here is one [h=3]Passed CISSP last week - still stunned by dctgibson. should be helpful[/h]
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    Hi kris

    Indeed good info...that has helped me most .

    Thanks for the quick reply :)

    I am starting my cissp journey today and from hear....hopefully all the best in my journey.
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    Get Books, Read those books (Cover to Cover), Write notes, and practice exams, practice exams, practice exams! Best of Luck
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    Use multiple sources! read all the passed threads on here... no need to repeat what have been said a million times.
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    Hi Naveen,
    The 3 months target for studying for the CISSP is very doable. First thing to do is take a CISSP practice test. This will give you an idea and the confidence about the task ahead. From the test results you will know which domains you need to focus on more.
    As you read the books make notes as you won't have time to revise everything.
    Reserve the last two weeks for taking practice exams multiple times under test conditions (250 questions at a time).
    Keep us informed about your journey and all the best.
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