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I am trying to install ESXi 5.5 on a VM workstation. The workstation is installed on a secondary hard disk. I have all my docs and files on my primary hard disk (C:).
It goes through the installation process of checking everything and then asks that the disk will be repartitioned. So my question is, will the secondary hard disk be partitioned and anything on that disk will be erased?

Thanks in advance.


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    So you have VMWorkstation running, and created a virtual disk for the ESXi install right?
    You are then installing the ESXi on the virtual machine in the Workstation right?
    The partition / format is not "global" to the 2nd hdd, it's specific to the virtual hdd that you've specified for the ESXi disk.
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    I'd suggest to get a better understanding of virtualisation through Workstation before getting into ESXi/vSphere.

    Why? Well hard disk encapsulation into a .vmdk is a fundamental concept, grasp it and the other basics first then your ESXi/vSphere learning will be so much more effective.
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