Failed CCNA Security Today

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I went today to take CCNA Security and failed with a 786. In my opinion, many of the questions were tricky and a little confusing. I am seeing a trend here. It took me two attempts to pass ICND2.

I studied on and off for about ten months. I really ramped up my studies about a month ago. I am beating myself up because I know I failed on the basic questions. I know CCP like the back of my hand. I ran multiple labs over and over within GNS3. I also used CCP on live equipment at work to just "explore".

I have the Cisco Press book, Udemy videos, and Skillport. I plan to study hard for another month and try again after next payday. I also plan to go back through each chapter and take detailed notes. Then write the notes in Evernote just to help me learn it better.

For now, just going to settle in and watch the walking dead then pick back up maybe Wednesday.


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    Trust me, sometimes you need to take a step back away and clear your mind.

    You've got a good plan of attack, good luck!!
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    My only suggestion is to hand write notes instead of typing them into evernote... I know it's not as quick, but studies show it's better for you and will help you memorize the information a lot more.

    To Remember a Lecture Better, Take Notes by Hand - The Atlantic

    Best of Luck on the CCNA:Sec!
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