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Hi guys.

In recent days, I have found out about Kali Linux and with it, the OSCP certification.
I have been working in IT for 14 years, in support, networking, server administration, team management and some basic firewalls, but never in security (well, to be fair I've passed the Security+) or penetration testing. I have recently started a masters degree in security, and I became very interested and motivated to try the OSCP (PWK) course.

I have no knowledge of programming, Linux or any penetration testing whatsoever. I haven't used IRC since I was 18. In addition, I am 32 years of age, with kids and studying a masters degree.

Although I am very confident with the stuff I already know, could I ask whether am I the only person that somehow feels quite intimidated by the OSCP course, more than would with a CEH or a CISSP? Do we get assistance by other students and IRC members or am I going to be treated as a n00b :)? I certainly feel like a newbie for not knowing the essential Linux+programming. Hell, at least I have been able to install Kali already, and I remember the "ls" command from when I played with OpenBSD back in 1998, LOL.

Being realistic with my busy schedule, I am wondering whether anyone with similar lack of basic knowledge was successful with only 1h a day 5-7 days a week available in their hands? Should I acquire some knowledge before the training?

I'm very motivated but at the same time I am trying to get a more realistic idea of what I am dealing with here.

Lastly, anyone from Australia currently planning on taking up, or already enrolled on the course?



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