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Hey all, so I passed my CCNA a few weeks ago, and I got a job in which one of my tasks is to set up a PBX of my choosing. Of course, I decided to go Unified Call Manager Express. This also helped me make my decision to go down the voice route in my studies.
My client wants to rent office spaces to a few businesses and want one phone system to handle it all. So 123 corp will have his own number, and voicemail, his own system message display on his phone, voicemail, etc. Xyz corp will also have his own number, system message display, voicemail, etc. Abc corp, same scnerio.

Is it possible to run multiple business profiles on one CME with their own behaviors? I just started studying and no better way than to dive right in.

Thank you in advance everyone.


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    You can do that business within a business by having Separate VRF's for SIP phones in 10.5, but you will have to do custom CUE scripting to ensure voice mail's don't overlap. There maybe other ways to do it.

    Also you have max phone limitation on CME, so you always have to be aware of that.

    Overall I would suggest a different product if you want to be multi tenant.
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