Server Core study for 70-410?

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I have looked at the requirements for the Server Core section on the Microsoft website but still a bit unsure about this topic whether I know enough?!

What are your experiences in studying Server Core for this exam? People who took the exam how did you find the questions on Server Core?
What would be good, would be a list of things that someone could provide that will cover all the aspects of Server Core requirements for this exam?
I find the Mastering Server 2012 r2 Server Core Chapter a bit too deep. What are your thoughts?
All replies will be appreciated.


  • jahazieljahaziel Member Posts: 175
    I would study the commands to return to gui. Powershell commands to install roles. Pretty much powershell for everything,
  • PJ_SneakersPJ_Sneakers CompTIA, EC-Council, ISACA, (ISC)², Microsoft USAMember Posts: 880 ■■■■■■□□□□
    You should know how to handle most important server tasks in the GUI from a prompt. A huge portion of that exam is commands. If you don't know command line and PowerShell, you will probably fail the 70-410 test.
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    The only server core specific bits are the roles that won't run on server core, and how to switch from server core to minimal GUI to full GUI to Desktop Experience, and back. Do that a couple of times and the in-betweens and you would be good to go.

    Having said that there is a lot of Power Shelling going around. This is not specific to server core but but obviously you would do it in there as well as in the PowerShell screen.

    One more thing; you may have a Server Core machine with certain roles, and you may want to install their GUI management consoles on a full GUI server. You would not need to install the full role on that server, just the management bits.

    And to keep throwing notes here, if you don't specify -IncludeManagementTools on your Install-WindowsFeature command, it won't install even the powershell management tools.

    Another installation bit is the -IncludeAllSubFeature, handy to include everything for a role, but there is one or two of them that will cause the installation to fail because it is either one or the other, both won't work on the same server. Sorry, can't remember right now which one was that.
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    As part of the 70-410, do we need to know the firewall powershell commands? or can that be skipped for this exam?
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