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I like tot prepare for the Windows server 2012. 70 -410 and 411 and 412 exams.
I have been on mva a lot and i am now thinking of using udemy (e learning site ) to prepare my self. For the 710 exam?

Can someone tell me if thuis is a adequate path? Thanks a lot for tour reply.

Also tel me if you know if the Microsoft 70-410 exam refs. Are beter then the o'reillys .


  • shaun5263shaun5263 Posts: 120Member ■■■□□□□□□□
    I can't speak for the O'Reilly's books, but the MS Exam ref is more or less a high level overview of the topics. It's good as an introduction to the exam, but not even close to enough info to pass. I recommend checking out the Sybex Mastering Windows 2012 R2 book. It will have way more than you need, but will for the most part cover all of the topics on the exam. You can fill in the gaps by reading some of the technet articles in the sticky post at the top of the MCSA/MCSE 2012 forum.
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