Cloud + local file sharing options

rsuttonrsutton Posts: 1,029Member ■■■■■□□□□□
I'm looking for a cloud + local file sharing option. I have been using Engyte for a number of applications but it has some quirky bugs and I would like to have another option or two to recommend for my clients.

In general, I'm looking for something that would fit the following scenarios:
-Good for 25-200 users
-Allows use of an on-site cache (ideally an ESX appliance or a NAS)
-Syncs to the cloud and offers remote, webdav or webpage access
-Allows for >=10GB files
-Supports file collaboration - e.g. an access controlled fileshare
-Is priced at <$25/user

I've also tried Box, Dropbox & Google Drive, but none of seem to meet all of the above requirements. Any recommendations are appreciated.


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