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To those choosing to take the Windows 8 exams, was wondering why you are choosing that route? Most companies don't use it and I'm assuming just going to be skipped over in most companies to Windows 10. That start menu that takes up the whole screen is the most annoying thing ever (imo).

Btw, my company computer and personal computer are 8.1 and I know how to do anything with it. Me and the IT manager are the only 2 computers running 8.1 in my company.

Are your companies paying for you to take that exam? Or what is your purpose on choosing these exams?


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    I'm taking the 70-687 and 70-688 exams because if you do these between feb-may 2015 then Microsoft will let you do the Windows 10 exam for free when its released (they say later this year)

    Personally I think its good to take the latest exam possible, it shows an ability to adapt to change and if you can do windows 8 management then its assumed you are more than capable with Windows 7.

    At the end of the day an MCSA is an MCSA on paper :)
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    Can't speak for everybody because my situation is different to most but Windows 8 will be my first Microsoft certification so I thought I would start with the latest one. I've taken and passed the two CompTIA A+ exams last year and they cover basic troubleshooting on Windows 7 but prior to me studying this course, I knew very little about Windows 8 and I figured it would be best to try to have at least basic knowledge on all the recent Operating Systems. Especially since there are new features in Windows 8 that I would have been unaware of if hadn't chosen to study it and it is the biggest GUI change since Windows XP so it is worth looking at. I can probably do an upgrade exam later to certify in Windows 10 - Personally from what I have read, I don't think it is going to be much different, just an "optimised version of Windows 8" with a few minor changes (a bit like the differences between Windows Vista and 7). They're giving it out for free during the first year of its release apparently (excluding Enterprise of course) so I think that is an indicator or something.

    From an employment stand-point, I'm afraid I'm not sure what to think as I don't currently have a job ( I have moved to the Middle East and it is a bit difficult to find work here, so rather than waste time I'm studying courses until I find a job). However, I have heard that some people being offered various things for obtaining the cert. I guess everybody is different and it benefits some more than others depending on the situation. If anything though, I guess it shows your employers that you are keeping up with the times and that can't be a bad thing.
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