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Hi all,

First of hopefully many posts, especially regarding the journey to ITIL Expert on a budget! I bought the simplilearn package due to the pricing since my studies are self funded.

For those based in England and have completed the intermediate exams, where did you take the exams?

If taken online, did you receive the scenarios beforehand or you only get to see it once the exam clock starts?

I am ready for my first exam (SO) but struggling to find centers where I an take the paper based exam
Thanks in advance


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    I took most of my ITIL certs via QA with an exam at the end of the class. If I was doing it all over again, I'd go with and use their online proctored exams (they used proctoru for the OBASHI one I did recently). You'll probably find that the training provider you used is the only one who can put you forward to the exam* because I don't know of any generic exam providers - you have to be put forward by the ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) who trained you.

    *for the intermediates and MALC, you can use any old exam provider for the foundation as far as I know
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    If you have a certificate from the training provider, you may be able to sit a paper exam in QA's test centre - you'll join one of the existing courses on the last day - phone up and ask them. You'll also need to provide a copy of your foundation certificate and have relevant ID.
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    Thanks for the info robS
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