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I am hoping someone can help me with a question I have regarding Vlans. I know that each switch must have an ip address config on "int vlan 1"......but, if a switch has ports assigned to vlan 2 and vlan 3 users, does the switch also require an "int vlan 2" & "int vlan 3" ip address? I have tried a simulation with only the Vlan 1 address in the switch and the vlan 2 users connected to the same switch were still able to ping each other (although neither could ping the switch- when the connecting router interface was shut down) I have only seen this mentioned once in the books I've read and the example wasn't too clear (at least to me).
If this is the case, would switches that feed different vlans but connected to the first via trunks also have to have an "int vlan 2" & "int vlan 3" address or would it be required only for those switches directly connected to Vlan 2 and 3? Does the use of a VTP domain take care of this via the vlan database automatically?

Any help would be appreciated, thanks.


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    You have to set the IP for the switch to be able to manage it. On the 1900 series this can only be done on Vlan1 but on the 2900 you can change that. In either case you just set one IP for the entire switch, and to manage the switch just put a computer on the same Vlan were you set the IP.
    If you set two Vlans on a switch and connect one computer on each Vlan, without a router you are not going to be able to ping the other computer. The problem you have on the simulator (be able to ping computers on different Vlans) is something common, simulators doesn’t always work the way they should. I would suggest you to buy a cheap router and play with it, and when you are familiar with the real thing, you can practice complicated things on the simulator.
    Good luck.
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    the 3550 can do intervlan routing without the need of a router.....however it needs and ip address per vlan that u need routing on......but like u said Gogousa ma knowledge is limited 2 only sims, as far as switches are concerned......but i will get an actually switch or ask somebody that has a switch 2 b sure......
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    Well I admit it, I've crossed checked my notes against my reference books and I can't figure out where I got this info having said that, I know I was studying catalyst 1900, 2950 & 3350 switches so like you say, maybe I got into a Vlan via layer 3 switch type setup.
    Having said that I do certainly appreciate your input, it does clear it up for me. If I can get by the last half of the CCNA and decide to look at CCNP I may very well think of investing in equipment but for now a simulator is about as close as I can get to the real thing. You are definitly right though, it does have the odd glitch where stuff just doesn't behave as it should, I guess its the price you pay for a cheaper solution.

    Thanks again!
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