Getting a Non-Technical Masters

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Since I'm waiting on DSU I was reviewing some of my current job duties and some possible future duties that may arise. I don't foresee leaving the technical side of the house for awhile, probably a few years, but I do think at some point I will probably move to more of a policy/regulatory/compliance role and will be vastly less hands on. I sort of go back and forth on staying hands on for my entire career since some days I love it and other days I loath working on a firewall or servers. Since I am in the regulatory realm and I do enjoy auditing along with policy creation I thought perhaps a MJ/MBA might be the better way to go. One of my coworkers has an electrical engineering degree and completed his Masters a few years ago. He's still fairly involved on the technical side of things, but slowly and surely he's added policy/regulatory issues to his job duties. Ultimately, once someone finally leaves or retires, he'll probably be in a better position to takeover a spot that is more policy.

I figure if I were to go toward a non-technical Masters I could keep my skills sharp since I'll still be in a technical role and I could go after technical certs if/when I moved towards a more policy/regulatory role. Thoughts?
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