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Took the test today on a laptop (anyone doing this grab a mirror so the proctor can view your screen) and had a small headache retreving my Pearson login details; all good though now That I have made it into the test.

Went through the questions, reviewed, took the survey, and... got the Congratulations screen! Notified proctor, and he informed me that if I was done he will close me out. All good connection closed.

Then I check my e-mail and find nothing, check pearson site and find that the test is stil in the opensection and details list it as in progress... I have contacted Pearson and their tech stated that this may change in 24 hrs. Is this true? Can anyone else who has gone through the weigh in on this? When I have taken other certifications in the testing center I have recieved a paper saying results, with this I have nothing.


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    While I can't comment on ProctorU, I do know that PearsonVue updates in 24-48hrs. Usually less. So, I am thinking that there will be lag time between ProctorU and PearsonVue.
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    First of all, congratulations on passing your Server+ exam!

    After I completed my test, If I went to the Pearson page, i could view and print my test results by doing this:

    go to

    sign in

    and then in the right hand side where it says My account, there should be a view score reports link, click that and see if your score is in that table, if so I'd say print it just know you have physical proof.

  • JayFRJayFR Posts: 6Member ■□□□□□□□□□
    H.Scream and Stryder, thank you for the advice. Well guys it turns out I was stuck in a weird limbo- there are two final screens 1) Congratulations you passed! & 2) Here is the score report for printing. I was stuck in limbo due to the secure browser being terminated by the proctor on the congrats screen. ProctorU made good and went back in with me to fix it now and I now how my printout and the Pearson site has a score sheet. Despite the issues I still would gladly use this site if other certs on my goal list offered such deep discounts (the fact I get to take the test in comfort is another plus.) I do not post often, but later tonight I will try to add some info and tips to the other thread which covers prep for this test. This forum has offered me the confidence to knock out multiple CompTIA certifications and help me prepare for my CCNA. Thank you all for being awesome!
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    Yeah I found the experience was bearable for the savings, it took roughly 45 minutes for me to get proctoru working, but overall, it takes me an hour (30 mins there and back) of driving and gas to get to either of the nearest testing centers. So saved gas money, saved time, and the awesome price were all benefits I enjoy.
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    Easy peasy lemon squeezy using ProctorU. I started the test maybe 10 minutes after scheduled due to showing the proctor my test area, showing them my monitor screen (using a mirror), confirming my identity, etc. Once you're done you let them know and they disconnect you. Much more convenient than having to drive to a test center.
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    I enjoyed messing with my proctors a little! They connected me to someone who distributes out the testers to the proctors. That person said something like like
    ProctorBroker - "Oh yeah, now is a good time to use the bathroom or grab a drink"
    Me - "A drink? Great idea! Should I get Vodka or Whisky?"
    ProctorBroker - "Whisky! Haha"
    Me - *Runs off to fridge offscreen and get's tumbler, a couple cubes of ice, and some sweet tea*
    ProctorBroker - "Wow! you actually got whisky, hope it doesn't affect your score!"
    Me - "I'm pretty sure it wont." *Chugs through glass of tea and goes offscreen to get more which I also throw back*
    ProctorBroker - "More? Haha that's more than I could handle! Okay, someone has freed up. Good luck with your test!"


    My Proctor also said he had never seen someone "prepare" for their exam by "downing three glasses of whisky!" and that it was badass. ...I never told them it was tea....
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