CASP or CISSP or CCNA Security to renew Security+

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Brief question. CISSP or CASP. I am looking at certifications to renew my Security+ and they are coming down to these few.

CCNA Security (I first need to get my CCENT before hand)
Retake Security+.

I don't really want to retake Security+ for the money when I can go and take it and do a more advanced certification like the ones mentioned here at that defeats the purpose of "continuing education". Based on everyone opinion, what would you all recommend? Keep in mind I am currently going for my CCENT. Sometime before 2019 I will need to renew my other certs but I want to have a decent plan. I also don't however want to get in the trap that most cert vendors have by forking over tons of money for worthless credentials (Don't really want to go down the Microsoft route as their technology changes constantly better to get experience using it then get certified). What would be your recommendation? I can't do all the certifications that are out there and don't want to because of time, money and I am most likely thinking about the CCNA Security. I'm still new to IT and I feel that doing the CISSP while not having enough experience can be costly and I don't have the 5 years of experience necessary for full CISSP so if I did pass I would be an Associate. I think that the money used for the CASP could be better used for a different certification but it would renew my Security+ and I could then later on do the CISSP to renew the CASP and everything else I have with CompTIA but that would be more money later on but I believe the CASP would be good experience for the CISSP. But at some point I will need to renew my CCENT when I get it so I would go for CCNA Security. which would renew both CCENT and my other CompTIA certs. If you catch my logic and where I am going with this, what would you all recommend I do? I am mostly looking for experienced professionals to post if you don't mind. I just don't want to have to many certs going on and having to try and maintain them all would drive anyone crazy and damn nutz! Any solid advice to keep my mind at ease would be appreciated!

*Update* Disregard I just came up with a solution. I will just maintain the CE units to save for costs. $147 for units as compared to doing the CASP is just not worth the hassle in the long run. CISSP is just a better solution and a more worthwile certification to have. Thanks everyone anyways!


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    Knowing next to nothing about you, the CISSP will not do you much good unless: 1) a job you want requires it, or 2) you have the experience to back it up, already. It is also in a different class than the other exams... not really good for comparing A vs. B. It's like the difference between being a veterinary technician and a oncologist.

    That being said, the CCNA Security has some general topics within that do apply to the CISSP, but it is really a very small amount of overlap.

    Cisco certifications already have their own perceived value. I would say to go that route while continuing down a long term path to get the CISSP.
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