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Due to recently getting hired as a Full time ITSD tech - and the idea of moving to the server team i need the MCSA/ MCSE - so its time to buckle down and finally get a serious plan together........The plan - 6 months to a year have a MCSA or MCSE

Do to recent advise on here, i am passing on the MTA exams.. however i might just do the 98-367 for the fun of it. I been doing help desk for a while now, and alot of it is remote work. We are in a windows 7 environment and will stay 7 for a while due to the software we run. However My question is............. does one go for the MCSA 7 [ 70-380 and 70-685] or should one go straight for the windows 8..............

Part 2........ if i go with the 680 / 685 plan - will those exams carry over all all towards the MCSE desktop infrastructure exams - witch looks interesting path... I say no by the looks of things...........

Please help to to navigate the path..........


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    You will get different opinions on whether or not to go for MCSA 7 or 8. I'm personally going for 7 right now. It still has just under 5 years of life left in it, and I could always take the 1 additional exam to upgrade to 8.

    Part 2:
    From what I just saw on their certification path, if you go the 685 route it won't go towards MCSE Desktop. You'd have to take the 686 with the 680 instead. That would give you the title MCITP: Enterprise Desktop Administrator on Windows 7, which is included in the upgrade path for MCSE Desktop. Going straight for MCSE is quite a daunting task I'd think. That includes everything in MCSA Server 2012 (3 exams, or 1 if going the upgrade route), plus the 2 additional exams to complete MCSE. I don't think 1 year is a reasonable time frame, but I don't know you or how much time you can put towards studying/labs every day.

    It sounds like you've already looked at the certification site, but if not here is the page with the upgrade info.

    Click on the + next to "How To Upgrade" to see the list.
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