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Been preparing for the ITIL 2011 Foundation exam since the beginning of February..
The main study material is the CBT Nuggets videos, and am taking notes (almost writing everything down)

Not impressed by Michael Shannon at all.. and will never use him for any other exams.. not sure if it is him or the material, but am sure the likes of Jeremy Cioara or the great Keith Barker would've presented it in a more exciting way!

Now that am almost done, am looking for a way to put all of the pieces together.. what am thinking about is bringing a large A3 or larger paper, and put it all together.. in a circular hierarchical order

Like this Service Strategy, Design, Transition, Operation cycle.. and then all of the sub categories and notes..

any tips for really 'understanding' the ITIL would be great!


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    Michael Shannon spends too much time on one subject! He isn't a bad teacher, but I found during the exam that he spoke too much on things that didn't matter when I sat the exam. Thank god I read the book, or that would have been a definite fail. Focus on the Service Lifecycle, that's the best advice I can give.
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    When I was studying for ITIL, I found it helpful to watch a few YouTube videos that had a more business perspective vs. IT perspective.
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    The ITTraining Zone have a great set of mindmaps that you can download for free, SDee, which I think sound like exactly what you are looking for
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