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Hi guys,

I have my sec+ exam booked for April 3rd and I am reading over my notes and took the Sybex practice test that came with the Sybex book, but I am looking for another resource for practice tests that would be a good practice before the exam. Can anyone recommend any good practice tests for Sec+ 401 ? I heard the Darril gibson one is good, but I'm looking for other possible options.

If anyone can help, I'd be grateful.

Thank you all! :)


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    I don't know of any other ones I personally took the Darril Gibson tests along with reading his book, and that is all I used. Good luck with the test!
  • Justin-Justin- Member Posts: 300
    Thanks for the tip!

    Anyone else? Cheers.

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    For practice exams, the only "right" answer is: Take all that you can find! My preference is for "simulated" exams that look and act like the real thing as opposed to simply providing a list of sample questions or a PDF to download. That way you can feel like you've had a trial run and you won't be so pressured during the actual exam. There are lots of sites that charge for tests, and the are usually pretty good but your expenses can rack up. Search sites like GoCertify (Security+ SY0-301 Practice Quiz | GoCertify) and Skillset ( for their tests. Some will have one very limited sample test, others will have thousands of questions and let you take unlimited tests.

    I think what really matters is that you find a site (or series of sites) that you feel make you more comfortable with the testing process itself. That might be different for everyone: Do you like a little clock counting down how much time you have left? Do you prefer one question at a time or ten at a time? There tends to be a version of everything, so don't just stop when you've found one!
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    I used David L. Prowse's Security + Guide (Kindle version) which comes with DLC that includes a test engine with multiple exams. His other DLC also includes very helpful practice excercises. I started off using Gibson and his website for the PBQs...but I used Prowse's Sec+ Guide/DLC for the majority of my studying afterwards...Hope this helps.
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    I used Darill Gibson as a primary source. Secondary sources were Pluralsight cbt's and some Professor Messer videos on Youtube. Also did the CompTia Security+ Certmaster, but it seemed like a more expensive version of Gibson's paid content.
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