My security+ Journey

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I passed the OSCP in December and did a thread like this, so I figured that I'd do another so people can follow me on my journey to becoming Sec+ certified. So first thing first: why am I doing this? The answer is that the syllabus looks fantastic. The course looks like it offers a fairly steep learning curve.

I purchased D. Gibson's book and read the first 60+ pages tonight. Having never studied a CompTIA cert before, I was a little anxious when I flicked through and saw how many acronyms there was. It looks like a much better cert than it previously was judging by all the changes it has gone through (see here: CompTIA Security+ SY0-401 vs. SY0-301 Changes - InfoSec Institute ).

I really wanna get this passed by around April/May (work permitting). I'm self funding/studying which is what I always do with these courses. Wish me look and I'll update this over the next few months.


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    Odd direction I suppose, getting a high level cert like the OSCP and then getting a basic security cert like the Sec+. Have you considered the SSCP/CISSP path or GSEC? The GSEC is considered the Sec+ on steroids and a good stepping stone towards the CISSP. Either way, I wish you the best of luck on the Sec+, I believe it should be pretty easy for someone of your skill level.
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    The SSCP requires a year in industry and I've only got 9/10 months right now. On top of that you've got to pay like $50+ a year to keep the SSCP, it feels like it's more about money than anything else. The revised Sec+ seems to have a whole bunch of information about security policies, management and incident response. Looks like a good course to me, even if its not as advanced as the OSCP.
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