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Dear friends I have an interview for a Technical Support position in a school and I was wondering what kind of questions I have might to answer as far as Apple devices are concerned (Macs, Air pads, Ipads etc.). I found different questions from various sources and would be grateful if someone could give me some answers or post other questions that I might have to deal with:

1) Which is Apple's "troubleshooting methodology" and what is "deep dive"? (I found that there are two stages of troubleshooting: the "Quick check" and the "Deep Dive" which includes a matrix of "check", "result" "action" and "code". Is this the right answer?)

2) What are Casper and Absolute and FileWave? (Deployment methods?)

3) What MDM is and how sync station carts are used?

4) What do you know about Moodle?

Could someone post some more interview questions (with a brief answer if possible). Thank you!
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