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Hi Folks,

I am currently studying for the GSNA. It is my first SANS course so I am creating my index. On my first try I ended up with a 100+ page index containing what I considered key points. I may have overkilled this :) From that point, I created a 7 page index with Book, page number, and topic. I figure I will use my new index. I have already read through the 5 books, its just a matter of taking down a practice test and seeing how I do. Is this the process that you guys suggest also?

1) Go to course
2)Read Books, highlight
3) Create "Key points" Outline(my original index)
4) Create index with page + book number + topic.


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    Take the practice exam and then reevalute the usefulness of the index and edit accordingly. I would also suggest to use a marker and wrote numbers at the side. As during the actual exam, the books will be stack in front of you and you would want to be able to tell which book to grab from just looking at the side.

    Pay attention to **** sheets as its very useful.

    I am interested to know how does this compare to CISA
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    Thanks Lionel,

    i scored a disappointing 63%. I had found that my index is definitely lacking in some areas. Some topics I could not find by quickly referencing my index. I'm going to strengthen my weak index and cover my weak areas and also review key topics to do better on the next practice test
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    I am looking to take this exam in the next week. I was wondering if anyone thought of any type of cheatsheets that might be helpful when taking the exam. I am hoping to print some on liners for AWK, SED, and WMIC. And, we had a Linux command sheet included in our course materials. Can anyone think of anything else tht may be helpful?
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    I usually do google up everything that I never heard of during my practice exam and print them out. **** Sheet are useful. For my GCIA, I have print out the latest snort document and help me a real good amount of question.

    In regards to index, I did my indexing by using POST IT labeling stickers. I know like 95% of the people out there did it on a table of contents, but I just dont do that.
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    Thanks for your help folks. I ended up passing today. I felt it was a fair exam. If you use the material and make a good index you will do well.
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    So you are not call Billy eh? Your real name is N**** R*****

    Anyway congrats on passing.
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    Sshhhh, thats actually an old school nickname from my younger days. :) Thanks for the congrats!
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    Congratulation billyr2009

    Small request, can you post a picture / page count of the 5 Books, are they 5 CISA (350 page) books or 5 CISSP (1000+ page) books ..
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    Hi billyr,

    Are you able to write back GSNA Exam writing procedure please, thank you, Ganesh
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    The procedure is to pay for the exam and schedule it in the 4 months that you have. Attempt the Practice exams so you know what you are strong in and what you have yet to prepare for based on the certification blue print available online.

    The exam is a 3 hour and 75 questions that has a few checkpoints every 15 questions to tell you an indication of where you stand.
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    chanakyajupudi is correct. I took the AUD507 course and the instructor (David Hoelzer) was great. I apologize for not being able to tell you how to pass via self study since I didn't go the self study route. But, by going through the AUD507 class, what did I do to pass the test?

    To pass I used all of the materials included in the course
    1) All 5 books + 1 lab book, I went through all of the labs
    2) I went through the mp3s when I was working out at the gym
    3) I took both provided practice tests
    4) I created my own index
    5) I read through the books twice

    I hope that helps to answer your question
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    Hey billyr2009. I took the class with David Hoelzer too. In Canberra, Australia though. He was good!
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