how to find out if a server is ADC or CDC or simply a PDC?

how to find out if a server is ADC(additional domain controller) or CDC(child domain controller) or simply a parent domain controller(PDC)??
Is there any way to distinguish between the three?

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    Netdom is a good tool to list domain controllers, typically parent and child terms are per domain rather than per domain controller, example parent domain would be child might be or, you might also look into some of the powershell AD cmdlets. There are specific roles in AD that perform key functions (flexible single master operations roles or FSMO) such as Domain naming master, schema master at the forest level, then PDC emulator, RID master, and infrastructure master. These FSMO roles can also be identified with netdom.
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    Hi slinuxuzer,
    Thanks for the reply. Since I am not an expert in Windows & just starting to learn the basic concepts ,it will be great if you kindly please tell me how to use Netdom as a tool to find out which are PDC,CDC or ADC ?
    What is the exact Netdom command to list all the domain controllers in my forest along with the information to show if it is a "child domain controller" or an "additional domain controller"?
    If possible in a little details.
    Your earlier answer was not very clear as to how to find that. If you can ,in simple words,please explain it once more in a little details ,I will be greatly thankful to you and will surely add a reputation to your earlier post.

    Also, why do you mention of FSMO roles and how does it relate to my question?

    Hope you'll soon clarify.
    With Regards
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    Hello slinuxuzer,
    Still waiting for your reply. Do you know the answer to my last question? Plz reply.
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    slinuxuzer gave you plenty of information to point you in the right direction. All of this time you've spent waiting could have been used to look it up on Google like everyone else.
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    netdom query fsmo
    netdom query ...
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    Thanks ibrokeit :)
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