ITIL RVC Exam Tips

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Hi All ,
i am going to have RVC exam after 2 weeks , i need your support to know best tips before exam , please share with me your experience


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    I passed my exam on Friday (6 March) on the second try and did quite well (36 out of 40)

    NB - Practiced on the RCV and Service Transition Sample Exams (Got this from my instructor)

    Followed these exam tips I got from youtube (link below), they really were my life saver, I was able to spot distractors.
    Also choose answers that are more processed and people focused than those of tools, there were a couple of questions where i noticed that the distrator was more "Tool" focused that process.

    After failing my exam at the first try i can honestly say the manner in which you approach the exam is important, my mistake at first was that i was more focused on studying and cramming definitions, Focus on the sample exams, master them and understand them you will have high chance of passing, Goodluck, hope this helps icon_smile.gif

    [h=1]Tips for Passing ITIL Intermediate Exams[/h]
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    LinkedIn study group My itSM Mentoring Community is a great resource for ITIL exam prep
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